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We work with your marketing team to put in place a promising SEO strategy.

Want us to manage SEO for you? We can do that as well.

We love consulting brands on SEO and helping them acquire more traffic and customers with search engine optimization.

Research keyword opportunities

A successful SEO campaign begins with researching and identifying keyword opportunities.

A comprehensive keyword research uncovers how people search for your products and services on search engines.

This acts as a foundation to optimize your site and plan content production, so that you do not miss on any opportunity to acquire traffic of interest to your business.

Technical SEO Audit

This is where we audit your site for technical issues. For your site to perform well in search, it has to be optimized for SEO.

Here we explore,

  • the site’s architecture and internal linking,
  • on page optimization,
  • content,
  • speed,
  • mobile compatibility and
  • accessibility and indexation.

Penalty Recovery

If your search traffic dropped considerably or your site disappeared from Google, chances are the website has been hit by one or more of Google’s algorithmic or manual penalties.

We can help you recover your site from any such penalties.

Sites are usually penalized because of bad links, over optimization or too much duplicate content. We identify what caused the penalty and fix it for you, and get your site back on Google.

Link Building

For any site to achieve high rankings in Google, it has to have quality links.

Search engines use links pointing to your site, to determine your sites popularity before ranking them in search results.

We build not just any links, but ones that search engines love. With quality links to your website from other popular and relevant websites in your niche, we strengthen your link profile, which in turn improves search performance.

Quality SEO copywriting

Search engine optimization is impossible without quality content. It’s important that you produce and publish quality content consistently on your website.

SEO copywriting is all about writing content that ranks well and helps you acquire traffic.

With rich, original and fresh content on your site’s pages, that is easy for search engines to comprehend, you get more traffic and customers.

Digital PR

Online press release production and distribution allows you to shoot out company news, product or service updates as well as whitepapers and case studies, to the media.

Newsworthy press releases get published and shared on popular media sites and industry journals.

With such high quality brand mentions and links, your site’s authority and search performance improve.

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